Read about a few of my clients and the success we achieved together


Lost 3 stone and is now the leanest she has been in decades.

Miranda is living proof that age is just a number. She has lost an impressive 3 stone so far and is on a mission to lose one more.

When Miranda first started, she absolutely hated the gym and was struggling with her nutrition. She had tried all the diets under the sun and couldn’t stick to a consistent training routine.

That’s until she found a flexible nutrition plan, resistance training and boxing! We worked together to form a plan that complemented her lifestyle and included things she enjoys. Boxing and Gin! (not in that order haha).

She continues to consistently drop body fat, has improved the quality of her sleep and subsequently her energy levels are through the roof!


Lost 24 lbs, improved performance and gained muscle.

Katy has transformed from a gym ‘newbie’ to a gym ‘machine’. 

When we first started working together, she was completely new to the gym, lacked strength, confidence and struggled with her nutrition.

We formed a resistance training plan that would help increase her strength levels and also added some conditioning work too. We also adapted a nutrition plan that would accommodate her lifestyle and give her flexibility at the weekends.

Her confidence has grown dramatically since she first started, and she is a completely different person. These days she can barbell squat over 70kgs for reps and now performs full pull-ups for reps. 


Gained 28 lbs of lean muscle.

Matt’s transformation is very commendable, over the last 2 years he has packed on an impressive 28 lbs of lean muscle.

When Matt first started, he had never set foot in a gym before and struggled with body confidence. He’d always been a lean guy but struggled to build muscle, due to a lack of knowledge on training and nutrition.

We worked together to form a simple and effective plan. This meant increasing his calorie intake and training through progressive overload. As a result, his strength went through the roof and he now lifts 3 times the resistance he started with!

Matt managed to maximise muscle growth whilst minimising fat gain, a clear sign of a successful muscle building plan.  

I’ve tried gyms and personal trainers in the past but have always given up because 1. I didn’t enjoy it, didn’t have goals and didn’t see results And 2. I would end up in agony from exercises that weren’t good for a longstanding back & neck injury which in turn would set me back even further.

Since meeting Ashley 18 months ago, I find I now enjoy exercise for the first time and am motivated by the achievement of goals and progress. By understanding and explaining my weaknesses, has helped me manage my old injuries so I don’t aggravate them.

Ashley has always taken time to understand me, my issues and my goals. He provides a really rounded approach including nutrition as well as exercise and he keeps it varied to keep it interesting.

I have seen and felt a huge difference in my strength and confidence training with Ashley and have found myself (as a previously committed exercise hater) even branching out to willingly join gym classes and train alone as part of my overall programme.

I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone of any age and fitness level 100 times over – no hesitation! Thank you, Ashley.

Maggie Grieve, 5 Star Rating

I’ve trained with Ashley for 2 1/2 years and he has always worked with me to define, train for and achieve my goals.

The motivation and commitment Ashley has for achieving his own goals is infectious and has had a massively positive impact on me.

Using varied and engaging workout sessions, he constantly challenges what my body can do and as a result has got me to a higher fitness level than I ever thought I could achieve.

Marie Coultas, 5 Star Rating

Life Changing…excellent knowledge, experience and personal service with guaranteed results! Definitely be using again!!

Rob Hill, 5 Star Rating

Ashley is a really positive person, a great motivator and expert trainer.

I thought I was eating ok. Nope! Ashley reviewed my food diary and was able to make some immediate improvements. He listened to my habits and what I enjoyed, then made suggestions I could actually stick to.

At the same time, we hit the gym. I wanted to lose weight and tone up. Every session is different, using a variety of equipment. I’ve learned so much.

I really enjoy my training sessions. Ashley knows your limits so will always encourage you to keep going and work that little bit harder. I can see improvements every session. After just 4 months I reached my goal weight and have stayed there. I wish I’d done it years ago!

Andrea Turk, 5 Star Rating