EVOLUTION is designed to help you look, feel and perform better.

Evolution will provide you with the accountability and motivation you need to maximise results. Your goal might be to lose weight, build muscle or achieve a personal best in running . No matter what your goal is, this monthly programme will provide you will all the essential resources you will need to help you become the best version of yourself.




Lack of accountability is why most people fail and don’t sustain results. With Evolution you will be held accountable every step of the way. You will have scheduled weekly check-ins with me, to ensure you stay on track. I will help pick you up when your down and take your mindset to the next level.


You will learn more about nutrition than you  ever thought. You will be set weekly calorie targets that are personal to your specific goals and have access to hundreds of tasty recipes.


Each week you will have an online check-in with me personally. We will use this time to access your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan. Each week you will learn something new. 


You will be provided with an educational masterclass, learning about nutrition, training and lifestyle. We will discuss mindset to help get you in the best shape physically and mentally.



£99One-off Payment
  • 4 Weeks Coaching With Ashley
  • Weekly Online Check-Ins
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Structured Training Plan
  • Educational Masterclass
  • Group Support Network
  • Recipe Books
  • Daily Online Accountability

Read about a few of my clients and the success we achieved together.


Lost 3 stone and is now the leanest she has been in decades.

Miranda is living proof that age is just a number. She has lost an impressive 3 stone so far and is on a mission to lose one more.

When Miranda first started, she absolutely hated the gym and was struggling with her nutrition. She had tried all the diets under the sun and couldn’t stick to a consistent training routine.

That’s until she found a flexible nutrition plan, resistance training and boxing! We worked together to form a plan that complemented her lifestyle and included things she enjoys. Boxing and Gin! (not in that order haha).

She continues to consistently drop body fat, has improved the quality of her sleep and subsequently her energy levels are through the roof!


Lost 24 lbs, improved performance and gained muscle.

Katy has transformed from a gym ‘newbie’ to a gym ‘machine’. 

When we first started working together, she was completely new to the gym, lacked strength, confidence and struggled with her nutrition.

We formed a resistance training plan that would help increase her strength levels and also added some conditioning work too. We also adapted a nutrition plan that would accommodate her lifestyle and give her flexibility at the weekends.

Her confidence has grown dramatically since she first started, and she is a completely different person. These days she can barbell squat over 70kgs for reps and now performs full pull-ups for reps. 


Gained 28 lbs of lean muscle and even more confidence. From gym newbie to gym pro.

Matt’s transformation is very commendable, packing on an impressive 28 lbs of lean muscle.

When Matt first started, he had never set foot in a gym before and struggled with body confidence. He’d always been a lean guy but struggled to build muscle, due to a lack of knowledge on training and nutrition.

We worked together to form a simple and effective plan. This meant increasing his calorie intake and training through progressive overload. As a result, his strength went through the roof and he now lifts 3 times the resistance he started with!

Matt managed to maximise muscle growth whilst minimising fat gain, a clear sign of a successful muscle building plan.  



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